Dangers of 500 Calorie Diet

Are you aware that 500 calorie diet can assist you to prevent all the healthy problems that are associated with obesity by enabling lose up to five pounds per week? However it is very important that this diet is managed and developed by a physician or a qualified dietician. This will help avoid all the dangers that are associated with it.

Dangers associated with the 500 calorie diet

Normally, an average woman will require between 1500 -2000 calories per day while an average man 2000-2500 calories a day. This means that a 500 calorie diet is far much below the daily requirements of human being survival. Due to this reason experts call it very low calorie diet because very few calories are present in the diet. This diet is therefore recommended only to those people who are excessively obese with a BMI of over thirty. Hence, this explains why 500 calorie diet should be and is always monitored by nutrition professionals only. Due to this nature of the 500 calorie diet, it comes with a number of dangers.

Eating disorders

It has been established that 500 calorie diet causes one with no eating disorder to develop one. 500 calorie diet is usually not balanced diet. This means that, any person under it may develop some eating habits similar to those observed in anorexia and bulimia.

Heart attack and stroke

500 calorie diet causes an increase in the level of cholesterol hence increasing the risks of stroke and heart attack. 500 calorie diet is typically rich in protein; this causes calcium loss leading to kidney stones and risks of osteoporosis. Many people under this diet do not take enough fruits, grains and vegetables that are said to contain important antioxidants and vital nutrients. This explains why such people are in high risks of getting some cancers


This is long term problem that develops due to starvation. Typically, 500 calorie diet is all about starving oneself. The body recognizes the deficiency in the supply of energy hence utilizes the stored fat to manufacture energy required to sustain normal body functions. As those fats are continually burned, then ketosis crops up. Sustained ketosis results in kidney stones, organ failure and gout.

Who should not take 500 calorie diet?

Due to the health dangers that 500 calorie diet come with, it is important that some groups of people avoid it completely. Such groups include; pregnant and breast feeding women, adults with problems such as anemia, kidney, bowel and heart problems. Adults who are over fifty and children below eighteen years should also avoid it unless they are monitored by a nutritionist.

500 calorie diet plan

As much as you are eager to lose weight, it is important that you start by consulting a health care provider on how to go about it. This applies to 500 calorie diet a s well, any diet plan should kick off with insights from a nutritionist. Here is a sample of 500 calorie diet.

What you should have for breakfast

Take decaffeinated tea accompanied by low fruit calories such as melons. Take no cereals instead take a lot of water.


Take vegetable soup made with leafy vegetables. Beware that you should take no cereal, salad dressings and oils. Remember to take sixteen ounces of water or more.


Take similar foods as lunch not forgetting water.

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